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Privacy Notice

1. Personal Data

We, AE Research Management Sdn. Bhd. (“the Company”, “our”, “we” and “us”), value and respect your privacy.

In due compliance with the Malaysian laws, rules and regulations, this Privacy Notice is hereby presented to you to inform and explain the ways in which we collect, process, store, use and disclose your personal data. The Company may also provide supplemental and/or similar disclosure notices to certain categories of investors and those from certain geographies and jurisdictions.

“Personal Data” bears the same meaning as that stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”) and includes (but not limited to) name, identification details, age, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, details of family members/ relatives, contact numbers, emails, addresses, academic and/or non-academic backgrounds, employment details, EPF and SOCSO details, income tax details, bank account and credit card details, physical or mental health or condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of similar nature, commission or alleged commission of any offences.

2. Collection of Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be collected by us through Direct Means (e.g. provided by you voluntarily via submission of information to our website, your application forms, email or other written correspondences) and through Indirect Means (e.g. from lawful third party sources, public records or from a counterparty in possession of the Personal Data).


3. Purpose of Personal Data

The Company may use your Personal Data collected for a variety of lawful purposes, including:-

  •  for communication with you;
  •  to appraise and process your application to engage our services and/or to vary your subscription;
  • for the due execution and fulfilment of contractual obligations that we may have to you;
  •  to conduct studies and analysis of the investor sentiments and market trends for the Company to strategise its marketing activities;
  • for the creation, innovation, improvement and development of our
    products and services;
  • to ease your conformity to any regulatory requirements;
    surveillance and investigation in compliance with our legal obligations
    under the law;
  • in adherence with any order, demand or request from any government bodies, local authorities or Court of law;
  • for our management and administration purposes;
  • any other purposes that may be in addition to, ancillary, incidental or in furtherance to the foregoing.



4. Disclosure

Your Personal Data provided to us shall be kept strictly private and confidential but may (where necessary) be disclosed to the following persons:

  • the Company’s service providers and business partners including but not
    limited to its auditors, insurers, tax agents, bankers, consultants, lawyers, advisors;
  • local and foreign governmental and judicial authorities, statutory bodies, regulatory bodies;
  • third-party dealers, stockbroking counterparties, custodians,
    administrators and financial institutions engaged by the Company for the conduct of its business;
  • credit rating agencies, insurers and insurance brokers;
  • any persons to whom you have consented;
  • any other parties that the Company deems fit and appropriate


5. Access

You are entitled to access your Personal Data stored with the Company. Also, you may request that your Personal Data be updated or amended unless otherwise restricted or prohibited under the Act. The Company reserves the its right to require documentary evidence to support any request for update or amendment to your Personal Data.

If you have any queries regarding the terms of this Notice, update/amend your Personal Data or (subject to any written law) wish to withdraw your consent or restrict the manner in which your Personal Data is processed, you may contact:-

AE Research Management Sdn. Bhd.
Unit 1.01 Ground Floor, Menara Boustead,
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,10050 Penang.

Tel: 04-222 6819
Email: stefanie@aeresearchmanagement.com


The Company may update this Privacy Notice at any time without any further notice or reference to you and the updated version shall be made available at our website. By engaging our services and/or continuing to engage our services and communicating with us, you are deemed to have consented to the terms of this Privacy Notice and any amendments and modifications made thereto.